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Cooling Systems Services

Everyone has experienced or seen in the movies the helplessness of being broken down with the hood up and steam pouring out on a hot summer day... 

Also the opposite, a cold winter Monday morning after the car has sat all weekend and it will not start because of frozen fluid. Not the best day for anyone...

IASC will perform an inspection of your coolant system. It is important that you flush the cooling system and replace the antifreeze annually. Antifreeze gets dirty and breaks down over time due to variances in temperatures, becoming corrosive and acidic. This can start eating away at the hoses, radiator heater cores and other components, necessitating additional automotive repairs.

This inspection should be performed once a year and can generally be paired with your oil change.

Annual Inspection and Yearly Flush Checklist

  • Check your upper and lower hoses and clamps

  • Pressure test to ensure it holds appropriate PSI and there are no leaks

  • Test system operating temperature thresholds and thermostat activity

  • Pressure flush the coolant system with cleaner and detergent and vacuum fill with fresh coolant

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