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Air Conditioning & Heat: Service

Air Conditioning & Heat

Specializing in automotive repair since 1977

Air conditioning has been one of our specialties since the day we opened our doors over 40 years ago. Whether it is a custom installation on an antique vehicle or an upgrade from R12 to 134A system on a classic vehicle or truck. We perform diagnostics, routine maintenance and repairs on all contemporary, domestic and foreign vehicles.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Not Blowing Cold Air

Blower Not Working At All

Air Conditioning Performance Check

Check System Controls, Pressures & Air Temp 

Inspect & Belts, Hoses and Cooling Fans

Check Compressor & Blower Motor

Perform System Leak Test

          Our Air Conditioning Performance Check can help identify the root cause of your A/C system not working properly. Other times, we have to perform extensive diagnostics on both the A/C and electrical system to identify the most challenging roots of failures.

Please don't hesitate to call or contact us online with any questions regarding your vehicles air conditioning. You can also book an appointment online through this website. 

We are celebrating over 40 years of business and have great Summer A/C Specials! Please see our Specials page for "Free A/C Performance Check" and our "A/C Tune Up".

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