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Battery Service

Since 1977 we have offered complimentary complete battery tests!

The battery is the main source of power for all electronic parts. Regular inspections and load tests can prevent breakdowns and costly automotive repairs.

Which battery is right for you? There are over 50 different batteries and it can be complicated to determine the correct one. Call or Click to speak to one of our Certified Technicians for help.

One of our expert technicians here at IASC will perform one of the following diagnostic or maintenance procedures.

  • Visual Inspection – for corrosion, worn connectors, dirt, wear & tear.

  • Disconnect cables, clean and secure

  • Test Battery Voltage – must be 14.2 volts with vehicle running and a minimum of 12.2 volts when shut off.

  • Load Test Batteries – this test stimulates normal driving conditions such as; radio on, lights on, AC on high and cell phone plugged in. All of these electronic accessories drawn down power from your battery. It is important that the battery voltage remains at 12.2 volts.

Alternator Output Test

  • Minimum 14.2 volts

  • The battery is the main source of power and the alternator is the main distribution of power to electronic components.

Battery Service: Welcome
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