Winter Visibility Is Key to Your Safety

Is there anything worse than scraping ice off of your windshield Monday morning at 7am? Well, it's that time of year again and West Hartford is seeing some extremely low temperatures. Visibility is obviously the most important factor in safe driving so don’t let harsh winter conditions risk your safety. You have enough to worry about with snowy, icy and slippery roads so here are a few tips to make sure your windshield is clear and you can see everything going on around you. 


If you can't see out of your windows, you're a danger to yourself and everyone around you. Don't try to use the wipers and those brand new wiper blades to remove ice from the windshield. Instead, use an ice scraper on frosty mornings. If you park outside, place the wipers in the raised position when it's going to snow overnight to keep them from freezing to the windshield.

You have to replace wiper blades more often than you might think. Even the best performing wiper blades start to lose their effectiveness in as little as six months. Streaks in your glass are sure signs that the blades are ready for retirement. You can stretch their life by cleaning the rubber edge of the blade periodically with a paper towel and glass cleaner, but it isn't safe to do that all winter long. We recommend replacing wiper blades twice per year. 

Washer Fluid:

It's likely that you'll be using your windshield washers a lot during the winter with dirt and salt residue being kicked up off the road. We advise you keep your windshield washer reservoir filled with a winter blend solution that contains an antifreeze agent. We recommend Prestone or Peak deicer when planning on driving in these frigid conditions. 

If you are stuck at home without any store bought deicer than you can improvise. We have heard that a cup of water and a cup of isopropyl alcohol will melt the ice in no time. Mix these two together in a bottle and shake. Spray the solution on your windshield and scrape the ice right off! Heating: Your vehicles heating system is also essential to your winter visibility and comfort. Make sure that plenty of warm air is being directed to the windshield when it's in the defrost mode. To help prevent your windshield from fogging up, run the air conditioning system (with the temperature set at a comfortable level) to dehumidify the air.

Lights: Finally, check that all the vehicle's lights are working properly and that the lenses are clean. This will give you optimum visibility at night and motorists front and rear will be able to see you! 

If you have any issues preparing your vehicle for winter weather give the International Auto Service Center a call at (860) 953-1675 or email us at customerservice@iascct.com for an appointment today!  


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