Winter Tire Recommendations

As the winter sets in, folks living in West Hartford, Connecticut may start to worry about driving in snow and ice. Even if you have four wheel or all wheel drive, your traction is only as good as how well your tires grip to the road. From all weather tires to adding chains, here’s a few tips that you need to know about choosing winter tires for your car. 

All Weather: 

All weather tires are a type of all season tires specifically designed to handle winter conditions. One positive is that they can be used year-round so there’s no need to switch tires when the weather changes. All weather tires provide better traction and braking than regular all season tires in moderate snow, but they do not provide as much traction or braking capability as winter tires. If your winter weather is pretty moderate with some snow and ice then all weather tires would be a good choice. 

Winter Tires:

Winter tires or snow tires are designed to work in lower temperatures even if the roads are dry. Winter tires help prevent snow and ice from getting packed into the tires so that they can grip the surface of the road. They are specially designed with large treads, deep grooves and sometime utilize sipes, which are small grooves in a tire’s tread that increase the number of edges that bite into snowy roads. These treads and grooves help provide better traction, braking and handling as compared to non winter tires. If snow and icy roads are common where you live you may want to consider swapping your summer or all-season tires for a set of winter tires.

Studded Tires: 

We don’t recommend these style tires unless you are doing some serious off roading up North. These are winter tires with studs which are small metal points that are fitted into a winter tires tread. These studs are designed to pierce ice as you drive on it, but will not let the tires perform like other snow or all weather tires. These will not be efficient when the weather clears up and you need to drive on asphalt. If you think you need studded tires, please check your states laws and make sure they are legal in your area. 

Winter 2020 in Connecticut will bring some harsh driving conditions and we want your family to be safe this time of year! Call the International Auto Service Center at (860) 953-1675 or schedule an appointment at www.iascct.com! We can discuss your tire options and make a recommendation for you vehicle. 


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