The 5 Most Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

  • Compressor - This is an essential component of a car’s A/C as it pressurizes refrigerant to cool the air. 

  • Condenser - This is the part that is cooling the refrigerant/freon. This part looks like a radiator and is located at the front of your vehicle. 

  • Receiver or Dryer - This part is very much like a filter and is located under the hood. (It looks like a small bottle)

  • Hose/Lines - These hoses (also called lines), are what route the refrigerant to the proper component. Over time, they can break down and start to leak. They are routed in the engine compartment in a variety of places. 

  • Evaporator - This also looks like a small radiator and in most cases is located under the dash inside the air box. Air is blown across the evaporator and that is what you feel as cold air coming through your dash vents. 

Are you experiencing any of these A/C issues in your vehicle? If so, call the International Auto Service Center at (860) 953-1675 and we will have your vehicle cool in no time!


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