September is National Preparedness Month: Is your vehicle prepared for a hurricane?

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Is your car ready to leave immediately if disaster hits? Most families are preparing their homes for harsh fall weather, but have you taken the extra precautions to make sure your car is ready? If a hurricane hits West Hartford, CT there is potential for evacuation which means we would have to rely on our vehicles to get us out of harms way. 

Our auto mechanics offer 7 easy DIY steps and regular maintenance tips to ensure that your vehicle will be reliable this fall.  Emergency Kit: Always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. This kit should include jumper cables, a road atlas, first-aid kit, flashlight with extra batteries, water, non-perishable food and blankets. 

Fluids Check: Its important to check your car's fluids once a month. Every weekend take a few minutes to top off fluids such as your oil and coolant.

Brakes: These are more difficult to check yourself, but make sure your auto mechanic inspects your brake pads and rotors once a year to ensure there are no issues. If you hear any noise, squeaking, pulling or vibration call us immediately and we will take care of the issue!

Tire Tread: If you need to get away in a hurry its important to have sufficient tire tread. Low tire tread is dangerous especially in rainy, icy or snowy conditions. You do not want to risk an accident when evacuating from a storm.

Tire pressure: Check your tires once a month using the PSI (pounds per square inch) number. This number is located on the drivers door or in the owner’s manual. Tire pressure that is too low or too high can affect tread wear, vehicle performance and gas mileage. 

Belts: Inspect your belt for signs of looseness or excessive wear. A failing belt will put you on the side of the street and potentially in harms way. 

Battery: Extreme temperatures such as winter and summer can wear your battery. A trusted technician can test that the battery is charging at the correct rate. Keep an eye on this because your battery’s function is essential in your cars performance. 

If you are not confident with any of these items call the International Auto Service Center at (860) 953-1675 or visit us online at www.iascct.com to schedule an appointment. We will inspect, repair and make sure you are fully prepared for a safe autumn season.


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