Prepare Your Vehicle for SPRING!

Wash Your Vehicle: 

You can either wash it yourself or go to a carwash that reaches the vehicles exterior AND undercarriage. The undercarriage is the most important part as there is lingering road salts and winter elements. A full and thorough cleaning will help to avoid rust and build up throughout the spring into summer. It’s also a great idea to clean the interior of your vehicle. Its important to wipe and vacuum away the winter dirt, salt and snow that your boots brought in throughout the winter. 

Inspect, Rotate and Align Your Tires:

Winter driving is hard on your vehicles tires. Its essential that you rotate and align them to ensure a better life expectancy and safer wearing of tire. As you know, the spring time brings a lot of rain so keep an eye on your tire treads. Make sure there isn’t any bald spots so you don’t slide in rainy wet weather. 

Belts, Hoses and Air Filters:  Inspect these items and make sure the belts and hoses aren’t cracked or damaged at all. If so, you need to get them repaired or replaced immediately. Check all air filters are clean and working properly to prepare for AC usage. 

Fill Your Fluids: This is a great time to get all of your fluids topped off and filled! Windshield wiper fluid, engine oil and brake fluids are 3 of the most important after the winter. You can check and fill these yourself or stop by our shop and we will take a look for you. 

Windshield Wipers:

This one is obvious! Make sure to change your windshield wipers before spring because they take a beating during the winter. New wipers will improve visibility and reduce the risk of an accident in the rainy spring weather. 

Vehicle’s Battery:

Your battery tends to drain quicker during the harsh winter conditions. Make sure to get your vehicles battery inspected and tested. If you expect your battery life to be low we would recommend replacing it ASAP. 

Even though it seems like preparing your vehicle for the spring is an easy DIY task, we recommend you get it thoroughly inspected to ensure your families safety. We advise you call the International Auto Service Center at (860) 953-1675 or email us at customerservice@iascct.com for an appointment today! We will check on all of these items and recommend any repairs and services!


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