Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Time!

Our vehicles notify us with dashboard notifications and even phone notifications when something is wrong. They tell us when they need their oil changed, tires rotated, or engines checked. That being said, there are still some things we need to check on our own. Its common that we often forget to properly prepare our cars for the upcoming seasons. Now that summer is right around the corner, we've put together a checklist for you to prepare your car for the summer heat!

Check Your Air Conditioner

One of the most important tasks is to test out your A/C before it gets too hot out or before you take your car on a road trip. If you notice that your system is blowing hot air it could be something as simple as needing more refrigerant, but it could be more complex. Fingers crossed it is not though! Also, make sure you replace your air filters regularly to prevent your system from working harder than it has to. This will also improve the air quality inside your car. Keep an eye on our promotions page for A/C deals! 

Look Under the Hood

Let your vehicle cool down then once its ready pop the hood and take a look around. You want to look for any loose or cracked hoses and pay special attention to the rubber components to ensure they are not warped or frayed. Check that all of the caps are tight and not broken. You also want to make sure there is no debris blocking anything around the radiator and air filter which could be potential trouble. Take a look at the ground under the engine to make sure there are no puddles which would mean there is a leak. Condensation dripping is normal when you are using the AC, but colorful or oily liquids can be a sign of trouble and should be inspected by the International Auto Service Center.

Test the Battery

The rise in the temperature can take a toll on your battery and shorten its life duration. Set up an appointment today for us to test your battery and make sure you won’t be stranded anywhere this summer.

Pay Attention to Tires

Tire pressure fluctuates when the temperature changes, which can happen overnight. When the tire pressure is over or under the recommended measurement it causes your vehicle to be less fuel-efficient. It can also cause your tires to wear unevenly, which causes you to have to replace them more frequently. Rotating and balancing them regularly improves fuel efficiency and handling. Another good idea is to swap out your winter tires for summer tires when the seasons change. This will help with handling and gripping the road better during the warmer months.

Monitor Radiator Temperature

Part of preparing your car for the summer heat includes making sure your radiator is in good shape. This includes it having  plenty of coolant, no cracks in hoses and running properly. Your radiator is one of the components you should inspect while you have the hood up. Keeping an eye on the temperature gauge located on your dashboard will help you avoid problems and alert you when your vehicle is running too hot. Running hot could also mean your coolant is too low or you have a leak. Our expert mechanics advise to always keep extra coolant in your trunk to avoid your engine from overheating. 

Keep up with Oil Changes

Check your owner’s manual regarding mileage between oil changes, but strenuous driving conditions means you should be changing it more frequently. It is important to check the oil level regularly, especially if you are planning a road trip during the summer. You want to keep some extra oil in the trunk as well to avoid any issues. 

Update Your Safety/Emergency Kit

We advise that you buy a safety kit from you local auto store or update/check your current one from the winter. Your kit should include a flashlight, orange warning triangles, blanket, pressure gauge, first-aid supplies, and light sticks. You will also want to keep plenty of water in BPA-free containers that will be able to withstand the season’s extreme temperatures.You should also have a jack, jumper cables, and a spare tire in good condition. Most automobiles come with these things nowadays, but not always so double check. 

In conclusion, there are multiple important factors involved with preparing your vehicle for the summer heat, but it will save you money and headaches down the road. If you take these precautionary measures it will decrease the chance of a breakdown and increase your summer fun! Give the International Auto Service Center a call at XX to set up an appointment and let us inspect your vehicle to ensure you and your family will be safe when on the road this summer! 


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