Myths vs Truth: 4 Common Car Care Tips to Reconsider

Owning and operating a vehicle in West Hartford, Connecticut requires a lot of maintenance and services due to the changing of seasons and the harsh conditions they bring. There are a lot of maintenance myths out there that have turned into our normal routines. These myths seem like logical advice, but when it comes to maintaining your car they could cost you extra money in the long run! Here are 4 common car care myths, truth’s and our advice! 

Myth: If regular grade fuel is good, premium fuel must be better for my vehicle.

Truth: Most vehicles are designed to run well on "regular" (87 octane) gasoline. Filling your tank with a higher grade is a waste of money! A higher octane doesn’t necessarily mean your vehicle will run better.

We advise: Review your vehicle’s owner’s manual and use the octane grade that’s recommended. The manufacturer has ran endless safety and efficiency tests so they know what is best!

Myth: Tires should be inflated to the pressure stamped on the tire’s sidewalls.

Truth: That figure is the maximum pressure. It is NOT the ideal pressure.

We advise: Always go by the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure. You can find this printed on the sticker on the driver’s doorjamb or inside the fuel filler door.

Myth: A dealership must perform your car’s regular maintenance to keep your factory warranty valid.

Truth: This work can be done at any trusted auto repair shop as long as the maintenance items specified in the vehicle owner’s manual are performed according to the recommended schedule. 

We advise: Give the International Auto Service Center a call at (860) 953-1675 to schedule an appointment for all services required on your vehicle. Make sure to keep accurate records and receipts to back you up in case of a warranty dispute. The only time you must take your car to a dealer is to have recall work performed. 

Myth: There’s no need to replace tires until they’re down to the minimum tread depth. Truth: It’s true that you need to replace a tire when its tread wears to the minimum depth of 2⁄32 inch. The only thing is that if you wait until then you are putting yourself at risk. The tires will have significant less grip on the road especially in wet, slick, snowy or icy conditions. 

We advise: Start shopping for replacement tires before yours are completely worn out. 4⁄32 inch is a great time to start looking into tires because they will have some grip left which allows you extra time to shop for the best price. Also, we advise that you replace your tires in a set of 4 for optimal handling and grip.  

If you have any issues with your vehicle and need a professional to inspect it, give the International Auto Service Center a call at (860) 953-1675 or email us at customerservice@iascct.com for an appointment today!  


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