Is Changing Your Cabin Air Filter Important?

Do you like your vehicle smelling fresh, having clear visibility while driving and staying healthy? Our expert mechanics at The International Auto Service Center in West Hartford, Connecticut do too! That is why we highly recommend that you change your vehicles cabin air filter every 15,000 to 20,000 miles depending on your cities air quality. Here are some reasons why we recommend that you change your filter often. 

Foul Smells:

Do you ever drive past a certain area and think that putrid smell may be your vehicle, but you then pass it and you’re in the clear? Well, next time that may even be your vehicle! This smell could come from not changing your cabin air filter. Dirty or excessively clogged cabin air filters can produce a dusty, musty stench, especially when the HVAC system is turned on. Changing your cabin air filter at regular intervals will ensure that your passengers don’t have to wind down their windows during the winter to get some fresh air.

Window’s Won’t Clear Fog:

Another problem that arises when airflow is compromised is that windows won’t clear as quickly. Also, the diminished air quality that comes from a cabin air filter that’s overdue to be replaced allows condensation to form on the windshield. Once the cabin air filter is replaced, there will be less fog buildup on the windshield. 

Health Issues:

A functional cabin air filter is essential in keeping the inside of a vehicle free of pollutants. A cabin air filter that’s dirty or clogged won’t filter those contaminants, causing problems for those who suffer from allergies or have breathing difficulties. A good rule of thumb is to replace your cabin air filter every February, before spring allergy season arrives, especially if you live in an area with a lot of trees. A new cabin air filter will prevent pollen from making its way into a vehicle and causing its occupants to start sneezing, or even worse.

HVAC System Won't Operate Properly: 

A cabin air filter left in place beyond its life span will make a vehicle’s HVAC system work harder, which can cause the motor to burn up. Dirty or clogged cabin air filters will reduce the amount of air flowing from the vents. That affects cabin air temperature, which depends on a steady flow of air passing through the heater core, evaporator or both components. Not changing your cabin air filter will make your HVAC system work much harder.

So by replacing your cabin air filter regularly, you ensure that the air circulating inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle is largely free of contaminants and that should be enough to make you breathe much easier. Your vehicle will continue to smell fresh and your windows will clear that much easier when fogged up. Give the International Auto Service Center a call at (860) 953 - 1675 or visit us online at www.iascct.com to schedule your appointment to change your cabin filter today!  


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