Planning a Road Trip This August?

We’re sure you planned an incredible trip, but have you thought about your vehicle? Don’t let your summer vacation be ruined by a roadside breakdown. Stop into the International Auto Service Center in West Hartford, CT to get your car checked out before your trip! We perform many services including auto repair, brakes, tires, check engine, alternator, radiator, AC, head lights, oil changes, muffler, exhaust, car electronics, engine repair, engine performance, starter repair and many more! 

Another option is to perform a driveway inspection before departing on your lengthy road trip. This will give you peace of mind by reducing the chance of car trouble and providing an opportunity to have any repairs performed by a mechanic before hitting the road. This check should only take 10 minutes then you are on your way with a vehicle that reliable and you can trust. 

Here are is our 5 point driveway check:

  • Tires: Check tires including tire pressure and tread. Under inflated tires reduce a vehicle’s fuel economy and uneven wear indicates a need for wheel alignment. Tires should also be checked for bulges and bald spots.

  • Brakes and battery: Check to be sure the battery connection is clean, tight and corrosion-free and that the brakes are functioning properly.

  • Wipers and lighting: You need to make sure you can see and be seen. Check that all interior and exterior lighting is working properly and inspect and replace worn wiper blades so you can see clearly when driving during precipitation.

  • Filters and fluids: Always check engine oil, power steering and brake, and transmission, as well as windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

  • Hoses and belts: They can become cracked, brittle, frayed, loose or show signs of excessive wear. These are critical to the proper functioning of the electrical system, air conditioning, power steering and the cooling system.

  • Emergency kit: Make sure to check and restock your kit if anything is missing. 

If you are tight on time then stop into International Auto Service Center at 16 South Street in West Hartford, CT for an inspection on your vehicle. Either way, if you or we find anything wrong or unsafe with your vehicle then we can perform the job for you to make sure you have a safe and fun vacation! 

Give us a call at (860) 953-1675 or email customerservice@iascct.com to schedule an appointment!


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